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Présentation de l'album 06. Londres - Mars 2010 (photos)

At Hamley's (Vivi loves to play) At Hamley's (Vivi) At Hamley's (Vivi) At Hamley's (me) Vivi and her map Vivi and her map bis London Eye Vivi & I (day 1) Sunset in St James Park Finally, Angélique, Morgane and Agathe are here too ! Vivi and her map (again) Day 2 starts (Angélique & Vivi) In front of our hotel Pictures fun 1 Pictures fun 2 Pictures fun 3 Picadilly Tourists Hello Agathe ! Bus In St James Park St James Park St James Park Funny birds St James Park Squirrel Still in St James Park Another squirrel Angélique in love with Morgane :-) Me & Angélique Vivi In Buckingham Palace Changing the guards Changing the guards Harrods Teddy bear & I Yes, Vivi has fun :-D Hyde Park THE street (for those who can understand) Right after THE moment... Right after THE moment Right after the moment ... one more time ! At Hamley's, in Harry Potter's section At the hotel, watching the pictures of the day In the kitchen Day 3 - British Museum Listening to Morgan, the historian of the group ! Agathe & Angélique Vivi - The mummies The mummies In the streets King's Cross - St Pancras Thank you for helping the poor muggles ! Morgane & I, trying to go through the wall :-) Angélique & I Agathe & Vivi Agathe & Vivi The group :-) Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland In the street Vivi Me - Morgane - Angélique - Agathe Vivi - Angélique - Me Angélique - Me Vivi Angélique - Vivi - Me The group Me & Morgane Angélique - Vivi - Me - Morgane In the street... Starbucks Starbucks Writing the postcards In the cinema, with the 3D glasses Cinema Alice in Wonderland by night Saturday night in a pub Saturday night in a pub Angélique ... Day 4 - Agathe, Morgane, Angélique - - Trafalgar Square Trafalgar Square - - Smile ! Horses may bite ! Morgane - Agathe - Angélique Downing Street - Welcome to Westminster The group London Eye - - - together - Waiting for the London Eye London Eye London Eye London Eye In the London Eye Yummy! Yummy! Angélique Angélique and her secret lover View View View Do you recognize this bridge ? - Sunset Last night in London ... 52034654_m